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"Bryce and Ben have created a monster...platform that anyone can use. It’s already helped me become aware of discretionary spending that I can adjust to trap surplus for a rainy day!!  

Not all heroes wear capes, although I can see the boys wearing superman capes in their next episode!!"

- Anthony, October 2018

"I am self employed so I can't use the system perfectly as it's written but I think I am applying it where it counts and trapping the surplus!  

Started over a year ago and purchased an investment property in April which is doing nicely. Now preparing for the second one, building those buffers!"

- Peter, October 2018

"The Money Management System trumps budgeting because it provides a mechanism for checking up on your spending and keeping you accountable. Excellent!  

I love the book as well as it gives a clear process for improving your financial situation, keeps you accountable for your spending, and gives you tools to ensure you stay on track toward financial freedom. "

- Ben, October 2018